Who Will Buy If No One Earns

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India a country of 1.3 billion people, out of which 3/4th of the population is still residing in rural areas, across the area of the country there are millions of markets having small shop owners and businesses which are far from technology, there businesses consist of a very simple process of trade i.e buy and sell only, no fancy statistics, no advertising or no such online campaigns, they are happy that they are the part of that small social entity where they are belong, but as the mobile becomes handy to these areas and internet are reaching to these areas, e-commerce is also reaching to these areas, although there is lot to be done for e-commerce to get there hold in these areas but the thing is, it is hurting their small trade eco-system, same like when a foreign species enters a pond and hurts the biological ecosystem of that pond.
People in these places are farmers and for free time they are associated to any kind of business, we can say that these small markets consist of peoples who are doing some kind of business and also are the customer for the market, and this is how these small ecosystem works.
When the giants stepped in to these areas with these influential campaigns and schemes people started consuming products which are purchased online, which in turns took the business of some other local vendor situated in that market . Gradually they are trapping themselves. For examples before 2004 when Diwali the greatest season for all sorts of businesses came the markets are booming with customers and sellers used to get their major part of annual income from this season, and look at the situation now all sorts of product even refrigerator, Ac’s and two wheel automobile are being sold online. Small things like Mitti Deepak and phool batti, namkeen and sweets, apparels etc are available with a discounted price. How can a retailers and small shop keepers will survive, people are ordering online from home, consumers are not entering market eventually leads to miss judging the demand for the season, which will take the retailer to further debt.
It was all good until the online companies are selling goods manufactured in India, but now they are sourcing their products from China which is again damaging the entire traditional market ecosystem across the country.
Finally my thought is “who will buy if no one earns”. If these small shop owners will not earn which constitutes the major population in the small markets than eventually no one will be available to buy the product even online.  The policy makers should do something to kept these markets unaffected from these giants .